Floating SPS2200 Touch Screen Cash Registers!



Thames luxury charters Ltd run a fleet of floating luxury event venues at the iconic Butlers wharf next to Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast.

They approached Shopstuff Ltd with a view to replacing their ageing Sam4s SER7000 cash registers with a more secure and up to date system.

A review of their full requirements was first established. It was determined that operator accountability and a comprehensive free bar control system were the crucial requirements. The functionality required made the Sam4S touch screen system a ‘no-brainer’.

The first part was established with the use of the dallas key system, with each operator having their own cash draw and with the use of the setting up of multiple misc tend buttons for each operator, allowed for a comprehensive secure system.

As many events can be paid for in full by the companies chartering the boats the customer also wanted a way of being able to give event organisers a live running total of the bar bill, this was established by the use of a Macro button and it being programmed to produce a financial x read which would show the companies client a live bar tab amount with a time stamp.

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Casio SE-S100 Cash Register Review

In the spring of 2015 Casio released a brand new cash register model, the SE-S100, to sit neatly in their retail cash register range between the SE-S10 and SE-S400.

The first point of note about the SE-S100 is that it is available in a range of colours. Taking on from their success with the multi-colour basic cash register, the SE-G1, Casio launched the SE-S100 in a choice of black, silver, gold and red. All four tills have the same black base.

Once you’ve chosen the colour that best suits your shop interior its time to look at the key functions. The first instinct is to reckon that the SE-S100  is a SE-G1 on a large base. This would do the new model a great disservice. Like the SE-S10 and SE-S400 the SE-S100 does feature a full size lockable cash drawer with space for all 8 coin types and 4 note holders, but the range of features on the SE-S100 put it far ahead of not only the SE-G1, but also the Sharp XE-A107, and the Casio SE-S10 cash registers.

The SE-S100 has several advantages over these models, making the additional £20-£30 cost over the SE-S10 well worth the investment. First of all the SE-S100 has 12 sales department buttons compared with only 5 on the SE-S10. Each button can be programmed with a description and price (if necessary). When the button is pressed the description and price appears on the receipt and operator display. With the shift key the number of departments is easily increased to 24. There is also a PLU button enabling you to program and sell up to 2,000 different PLU’s.

Casio SE-S100

Casio SE-S100 Cash Register available in black, gold, red and silver.

The thermal receipt printer on the SE-S100 is also a lot faster than other cash registers of this class. Unlike the SE-G1 cash register the receipt on the SE-S100 can be switched off and issued on request. Alternatively, the printer can be set to work in journal (audit) mode, but this would mean that you would be unable to issue any till receipts. As with the SE-S10 the receipt header can be custom programmed with up to 5 lines of text about your business. This is a really useful function for both advertising your business and encouraging repeat custom, but also it prevents non-customers returning items under fake receipts.

The operator and customer displays on the SE-S100 are amazing for a cash register at this price level. The operator display is two line so the most recent entered item is shown on the top line, and the running total on the second line. The fixed customer display is numeric and displays the sales total clearly for the customer to see.

Probably the biggest advantage the SE-S100 has over the SE-S10 and other cash registers of this class, is the SD card back up feature. This allows sales data to be uploaded from the till and viewed on a PC. Moreover, if you have multiple till points once you have programmed your first cash register you can make a copy of the program to your SD card and then use the card to program all the other registers – saving time and money!

The SE-S100‘s are bright, functional easy to use cash registers and for the prices advertised online represent a worthwhile investment to any start up retail business. The only slight downside we can find is that their is no barcode scanner connectivity and we would prefer the cash drawer and base to be metal, but for the money the SE-S100 represents excellent value.  For a full run down on the key features and for the best prices in the UK please visit our SE-S100 website listing.