Floating SPS2200 Touch Screen Cash Registers!



Thames luxury charters Ltd run a fleet of floating luxury event venues at the iconic Butlers wharf next to Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast.

They approached Shopstuff Ltd with a view to replacing their ageing Sam4s SER7000 cash registers with a more secure and up to date system.

A review of their full requirements was first established. It was determined that operator accountability and a comprehensive free bar control system were the crucial requirements. The functionality required made the Sam4S touch screen system a ‘no-brainer’.

The first part was established with the use of the dallas key system, with each operator having their own cash draw and with the use of the setting up of multiple misc tend buttons for each operator, allowed for a comprehensive secure system.

As many events can be paid for in full by the companies chartering the boats the customer also wanted a way of being able to give event organisers a live running total of the bar bill, this was established by the use of a Macro button and it being programmed to produce a financial x read which would show the companies client a live bar tab amount with a time stamp.

More details on Thames Luxury Charters Ltd


More details on Shopstuff Ltd


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