Fake £5 Polymer Bank Notes

Over the next few years the United Kingdom be be undergoing something of a cashFake_£5_Polymer_Bank_Notes revolution with its cotton paper bank notes being phased out and being replaced by cleaner, more secure, longer lasting and cheaper polymer bank notes.

The £5 polymer bank note is already here, but it will take untill 2020 for the £10 polymer and the £20 polymer to replace their cotton predecessors.

We have already seen a number of scare stories about the cashiers being confused by the
look and feel of the Polymer £5 note. The new style Polymer bank notes have numerous security features which make them impossible to replicate however, a number of store owners have voiced their concerns about staff accidently taking fake polymer notes by mistake.

Download the Bank of England’s Fake £5 Polymer Note Guide here.

Whilst we have our doubts about whether counerfeiters will be able to produce realistic apearing fake Polymer banknotes we do have several fake note checkers designed for helping your staff stop anyone willing to use fake Polymer notes:

Handheld Forged Note Detector – as the new Polymer notes feature a UV viewable hologram number then the UV detectors can be used with the Polymer bank notes. The UV1 is our cheapest forged note checker. The plus sides of this fake note detector are that it is small, portable and will also work with the existing cotton-paper bank notes. The downsides are that it requries batteries and it only looks at one apsect of the note authenticity – the new £5 Polymer note has 11 individual security features.

Desktop Forged Note Detector – as the new Polymer notes feature a UV viewable hologram number then the UV detectors can be used with the Polymer bank notes. This counter top version of our UV fake note checkers runs off mains power and requires reaplcement UV bulbs, just like the device above it is only looking at one aspect of the £5 Polymer note 11-fold security features.

LD7 Fake Polymer Note Checker – designed in conjuction with the manufacturers of the new Polymer bank notes and exclusive to Shopstuff this is the only device that will verify with 100% accuracy the authenticity of the Polymer bank note in question. The LD7 analyses the substrate material within the Polymer notes, which is impossible to forge, and tells the cashier within a fraction of a second whether the note is genuine or fake. The LD7 is supplied with a micro sd charger and requires no replacement parts. If you are concerned about the authenticity of £5 Polmer, £10 Polymer or £20 Polymer bank notes that then LD7 is the device for your store.

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