Polymer Ready Bank Note Counters

Rest assured that Shopstuff has a range of cash counting machines ready for thePolymer_Ready_Bank_Note_Counters.png introduction of the new Polymer bank notes. Our range of NCS bank note counters feature updated software enabling them to count the Polymer notes despite the clear plastic window featured on every Polymer bank note.

NCS2200 Polymer Bank Note Counter – entry level Polymer bank note counter will also count old style cotton-paper bank notes

NCS2300 Polymer Bank Note Counter – Polymer & cotton-paper bank note counter with 4-fold note identification

NCS900 Polymer Bank Note Counter – heavy duty Polymer & cotton-paper bank note counters with multiple note identification

Safescan 6165 Polymer Ready Money Scales – Polymer note ready money scales

Volumatic Count Easy Polymer Ready Money Scales – Polymer note ready money scales

LD7 Fake Poymer Note Checker – the only device in the UK for checking the new Polymer bank notes – the LD& checks the actual Polymer material and will stop your staff taking fake notes printed on non-polymer materials

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