My SE-G1Coloured Cash Registers (CASIO SEG-1)

The brightest entry level till on the UK and European market is the Casio SE-G1. The SE-G1 is available in a range of five colours – black, blue, red, pink and white. As well as the funky colours and design the SE-G1 does have some pretty nifty features for a till selling on the web at under £80.

Unrivalled for a cash till at this price the SE-G1 has a fast, silent thermal printer. The SE-G1 can be set up with receipt header message. Up to five lines of text can be programmed allowing you to issue professional looking receipts with your shop name, contact details and advertising. The limitation of the printer is that it cannot be switched off – so you have to issue a receipt with every sale. You can set the SE-G1 to work in journal mode, but this means you loose to ability to issue receipts and you have to remove the take up spool to see the end of day report. Some retailers may find the continual need to print a waste of money. If your premises processing lots of transactions a day and you don’t want the receipt constantly printing we would recommend taking a look at either the SE-S100 or SE-400 Casio cash registers.

The SE-G1 has 8 sales category buttons (departments) for you to allot sales to. This is more than both the Sharp XE-A107 and the Casio SE-S10. The only downside is that the department text is fixed. The receipts still look professional, but it is frustrating that you can edit the receipt header, but not the department text.

The SE-G1 has a LCD operator display and a fixed rear display allowing the customer to view the sales amount.

At 33cm wide, 34.5cm deep (front to back) and 17cm high, the SE-G1 is (to date!) the smallest cash register we have ever sold – making it ideal for small retail businesses, kiosks and pop up shops who are short on counter space. There is an obvious draw back to having such a small foot print and that is the cash drawer size! The cash drawer is very small and light duty having room for only 5 coin types and 3 note types. The coin pots are also very small.

The Casio SE-G1 is a welcome addition to the range of entry level cash registers available to UK retailers – the fact that you can buy a thermal printing cash register with personalised receipt for less than £80 is incredible. However, prospective purchasers need to be aware that there is a limit for what you can get for this amount of money. The SE-G1 would be ideal for a boutique style shop, looking to create a professional, funky image, but not necessarily for retailers processing more than 50 transactions per day.

For more information on the Casio SE-G1 and other cash registers available in the UK please visit the Shopstuff website.

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