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Casio SE-S3000 Cash Register Review

The Casio SE-S3000 is one of our most popular retail cash registers. The SE-S3000 replaced the outgoing SE-S2000 model in the spring of 2013 and has several key features, which have helped reinforce Casio as one of the key players in the UK cash register market. The first feature that makes the SE-S3000 stand out from the crowd is the large tilting multi line LCD operator display. The operator screen clearly shows both the price entered and the name of the item or department sold. This makes it very easy for the cashier to spot an incorrect entry before they quote the subtotal to the customer or cash off the sale. The SE-S3000 has a review order screen, allowing the cashier to easily void any incorrect lines. This cuts down on over rings and the resulting discrepancies in the till takings reports. In addition to the operator display, the pop-up customer rear display is also alpha numeric so the customer can see what items are being rung through giving them confidence that the correct amounts are being rung through the cash register.

The next big feature on the Casio SE-S3000 is the twin station, fast, quiet thermal receipt printer. Twin-station is cash register jargon for two! Twin-station simply means that as well as having the receipt roll the SE-S3000 also has a real-time audit roll – just like the on the old SE-S2000. The SE-3000 is flexible enough to use the printers in a variety of ways. The audit roll feeds onto the take up spool at the back of the cash register, whilst the receipt printer can be set with the receipt function switched off so it is only issued on customer request. The SE-S3000 can also be programmed to enable copy or duplicate receipts on request. The receipt header can be customised to include your shop name and promotional details. As with most cash registers you can issue an end of day sales report.SE-S3000_TwinRoll

In terms of other cash register features, the SE-S3000 has a secure key lock ensuring manager control over reports and programming. The SE-S3000 has 30 department keys allowing sales to be easily split into different categories. Should you have more than 30 categories of sale, then the SE-S3000 could still be the answer as it has a total of 200 departments, with numbers 31-200 accessed via the shift or hash functions. The SE-S3000 also supports up to 7,000 plu’s and barcode scanning with up to 3,000 barcode lines. At the time of writing the SE-S3000 is our most competitively priced twin-roll barcode scanner friendly cash register in the UK, making it the perfect entry level scanning cash register.

The SE-S3000 has a full size metal cash base. The removable plastic insert has 4 note holders and 8 coin pots – enough to cover the UK denominations. The dimensions of the SE-S3000 are 400mm wide x 450mm deep with a height of 220mm. The ‘low-slung’ profile of the Casio SE-S cash register range in general make them popular to retailers who prefer sleek design to the more bulky, traditional style of other manufacturers.

The SE-S3000 also has an inbuilt SD card slot, which can be utilised for backing up the cash registers programming – a big advantage should your business utilise multiple tills with the same products – and for extracting your end of day reports into a spreadsheet.

The only limitation we can find on the Casio SE-S300 is that the journal roll cannot be switched off. If you only need a single printer or aren’t fussed about keeping a journal roll please see our review of the SE-S3000’s ‘little brother’ – the SE-S400.

For more information on the SE-S3000 and other Casio cash registers please check out our website in full:


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